Milne medical center is a center III facility, located in Lubya parish in Kigobe village along      Ssentema road in Rubaga Division. Milne started in 2004 by an Australian couple called Milne.

Milne medical center offers services like; General medicine, Antenatal, Deliveries, Outpatient and In-patient department, Scan services, Dental services, Laboratory services, Admissions, Minor surgeries and lastly Ambulance services.

The purpose of establishing this medical facility was to help the locals of Lubya parish in terms of getting medical care at a free cost. Eventually when the donor pulled out in 2010, the locals had to start paying for health services at subsidized costs.

Milne’s targeted population is 10,853 (ten thousand eight hundred fifty-three) people annually, both male and females. These come from the 4 villages (cells) in the Lubya Parish. And these include; LUGALA MAPEERA MASANAFU and LUSAZE. However, we get patients coming from all other villages in Lubya and those totally outside our catchment areas as far as Kireka, Bbiira, Bujjuko and other surroundings. The targeted population of Milne was set by Ministry of Health revised HF-Micro planning tool 2020.

When people are healthy, they contribute to the society. They go to school, hold jobs and take care of their families. The center provides a continuum of care, helping patients manage chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes etc. Also we have helped many get jobs, 80% of our staffs come from the Lubya parish. Nevertheless our VHTs (Village Health Team) members also come from the 3 diffrent zones of Lubya i.e., Lugala, Masanfu and Bbira. These VHTs are paid by the government but it was our initiave to elect them hence conrtibuting to their incomes indirectly.

We offer guidance and counselling services at No cost. Patients or locals walk in for the services when there is need. We have counselled people who walk in to carry out abortions and they evenctually sieze to have or go else where to abort, thus a life brought on earth. We talk to HIV/AIDS patients who do not wish to disclose their statuses to their spouses and there is always positivity after counselling.

With increased focus on value-based care today, Milne has tremendously impacted in improving community health standards through the quality of services rendered, preventive healthcare, post–discharge support and interventions for addressing social determinants including poor nutrition, hygiene and housing.

In a recent undergoing government intervention of polio vaccination, Milne is one of the facility that was chosen to be a center for collecting and storing vaccines and a start point for all health workers to go to the surbs of Lubya to carry our polio vaccination.