Born in Busaku Village in Luuka District, Kasiko Anthony is the first born in a family of Eight Children. Having been raised in polygamous family by an alcoholic father, Anthony witnessed regular incidents of domestic violence, lack of basic needs which forced him out school while in senior three. Such events compelled Anthony to join a group of boys engaged in sugar cutting in different plantations. While here he was able to earn income for basic needs.  

Anthony joined Bonga Project in Busaku village in Luuka district and became a regular attendee of life skill session. Anthony has since been at the forefront at sensitizing the community members on the dangers of alcoholism, citing examples from his own family. This is because Anthony’s father was also an alcoholic.

Anthony’s dream is to transform his life led him to undertake training in motorcycle mechanics for four months in Kayunga town. Anthony was hired by one of the Bonga Support Team Members in Busaku after his training was complete. He has also proven to be an exemplary youth in his village and admired by the boys with whom Anthony used to cut sugar cane. He uses every opportunity he gets to talk to them about the need to engage in more productive work instead of joining bad peer groups.

During an interaction with him regarding his future plans, Anthony Said.” I plan to work very hard and save money so that I can be able to set up a garage and become the great mechanic that I have always dreamt of. I am gratefully for the opportunity from AEE which has enabled me to be a better presentable person in the community and a role model to the youths.”