The Safe and Resilient Adolescents and Youths (SRAY) Project works in Rubaga Division, Lubya Parish. This is a pilot project that started in July 2019. The focus of this project is to: Improve the wellbeing of children, adolescents and youth in Lubya parish by 2022. The project seeks to attain the required intermediate results through the following 3 outcomes:

Youth with sustained incomes from wage or self-employment. This will ensure that the youth have employable and workable skills and are also able to access finance (loans) to harness business and employment opportunities. The project will go beyond imparting skills and ensure that they are further equipped and are now employable and can use workable skills to harness the available opportunities. 

Youth utilizing Reproductive Maternal Child and general healthcare services. This will enhance the youth to access and use youth friendly sexual reproductive and other health information and services that are availed to them in a youth-friendly centre. And will in turn help youth make conscious decisions and manage their health better as well as minimise risks related to unplanned pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Infections and the related effects.

Youth voice their issues and action taken by leaders. The youth desire to have effective representation by people who understand and know their needs and priorities. This will facilitate discussions among them and the duty bearers thereby getting their voices heard, understood and decisions taken that address critical issues that concern them and their wellbeing.